Litigation involves disputes that may potentially have to be handled in court. At Wright Law LLC, we pride ourselves on being able to represent you on your claim from start to finish, including going to trial if necessary.

At Wright Law LLC, we have experience in litigating personal injury claims. We provide full-scale litigation services, starting from initial letters and negotiations, to mediation or arbitration, all the way through to a final jury verdict.

In typical legal disputes, both sides will initially discuss the matter with each other directly. Once it is understood that an agreement cannot be reached, one or both parties may hire a lawyer. After researching the case, we  will typically send a “demand letter” to the other party, outlining what the party receiving the letter must do in order to avoid legal action.

If the dispute is unable to be resolved during the initial negotiations, then a formal lawsuit is filed by one of the parties. If an attorney has not been retained by either party, this is the time to do so. Filing and responding to a lawsuit is a very technical and complex process, which is why it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side.

Once the lawsuit has been filed and discovery conducted, both parties will review everything they learned in discovery. Throughout, or after the discovery process, we will continue to negotiate with the other side and it is possible that your case may settle or be sent to mediation or arbitration.

At trial, we will fight for our clients, presenting evidence and arguments as to why the client(s) should win.

In summary, having an experienced lawyer can provide a person with a large advantage in disputes both large and small. At Wright Law LLC, we are committed to providing our clients with full-scale litigation services and fighting for their rights throughout the entire legal process. Contact us today for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.